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Hardware Projects

Thermal Energy Storage System
• Energy storage system designed in coordination with a large scale solar thermal power plant
• Thermal energy storage system (TESS) used to store thermal energy produced by the power plant when there is a surplus of energy production
• The prototype will be used to serve as a proof of concept of the proposed design and application
• A simulation will be created to perform testing of the design at-scale using 3D CAD software

Sound Anechoic Test Chamber
• Built a wooden chamber surrounded with PU pyramid acoustic foam
• Generated Arduino based spectrum analyzer using OLED screen with I2C interface and Amplified Electric Microphone with adjustable gain
• Applied a fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithm to compute the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) of a sequence
• Implemented Fourier analysis to convert a signal from its original time domain to a representation in the frequency domain

Turtlebot3 ROS Maze Navigator
• Using SLAM, a pre-set path was successfully followed and mapped using the camera module sensor as well as a LiDAR attached on the robot
• Shell scripting to calibrate all sensors to communicate via WiFi transmission

Autonomous Flame Detecting Extinguisher
• Created using Arduino Uno microcontroller, servo motors, flame sensors, and a water pump
• Simplistic automated flame detecting extinguisher intended for personal use
• Further implementation can be applied based on the intended use

Radio Frequency Visual Identification System
• Created visual and audio representations using RFID Arduino sensor
• Made scenarios of the “Parking gate” mechanism using a key fob to access areas

Important Courses

Object Oriented Programming and Design

Software Requirements Specification and Analysis

Robotics & Automation

Computer Architecture / Microprocessors


Circuit Design

Manufacturing and Production Processes

Computer-Aided Design

Solid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics

Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines

Control Systems

Electric Circuits

Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

Engineering Design

Technical Communications

Software Projects

Sorting Algorithm
Currently working on Queue, Deque, and Stack Array visual sorting application

Financial Market Application
Currently working on a web application to research, rank, and share opinions regarding the financial market

About me

Arun Sharma

I am a goal-oriented leader who is known for producing quality work in a timely fashion. I have demonstrated my excellence in various engineering projects involving mechanical design as well as microprocessor automation. I am looking for the opportunity to expand my knowledge and showcase my potential.

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